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USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet, high resolution displays, touch screens, WiFi, low power ARM processors, advanced power management, CAN, RS485, remote system management and software update, web applications, yocto development, IoT, Arduino, embedded Linux cellular communication, sensors, advanced graphical user interfaces …

Your Partner in the Internet of Things (IoT) & Electronic Projects

Making Your Electronic Requirements A Reality

A Dublin based IoT developer with the expertise to help turn your electronics requirement into reality. 

We specialise in small quantity proof of concept specification, design & prototyping.

We have experience of partnering with startups in the IoT & electronics space to quickly help develop projects & ideas. 

.....We found Owen extremely easy to work with & the quality of his work to be excellent. He delivered results quickly & is a clear and timely communicator. Owen implemented the software on a Linux system to fully test the communications framework and returned extremely high quality documentation at the end of the project. We'd have no hesitation working with Owen again and hope to do so again in the future.