QT & EGT Graphic User Interface (GUI) Development

Qt is the go-to solution for embedded GUI. With its extensive development environment coupled with a multitude of libraries it enables rapid progression to market. This, however comes with a cost, which can be prohibitively expensive.

A possible alternative is to use an alternative, such as the Microchip offering, EGT. This certainly isn't to the standard of Qt, no development system & relying on third-party libraries which leads to longer development time. However if recurring cost is a factor this can be a real solution.

Our Expertise

Here at Electronics Consult we have significant experience in developing with both Qt & EGT. We can suggest an appropriate solution for our requirements & help you make your project a reality.

Qt6 Demo

A QT6 QML demo running on a Raspberry Pi 4

Microchip EGT Demo

A Microchip SAMA5D4 embedded Linux board utilizing a touchscreen, video animation & stepper motor control